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Fluid Filtration System

The patent for the Forward Wash Filter Cleaning (FWFC) device can be seen at http://bit.ly/2phTuKj (Patent No. 9,610,527).

Replacing the traditional backwash stage with a revolutionary forward wash filter cleaning (FWFC) stage provides several advantages over conventional granular media filters:

  1. The FWFC design provides more efficient and complete filter cleaning during the filter cleaning stage. This leads to a more reliable quality of filtered fluid and reduces loss of fluid during filter cleaning.
  2. The FWFC feature will yield more filtered fluid per hour because more time is spent in an online filtration stage and less time is spent in an offline filter cleaning stage.  
  3. The FWFC granular filter design is simpler, making it less expensive to manufacture than a conventional backwash filter design.  
  4. The simpler FWFC design also allows for easier maintenance, thereby reducing operating costs.
Filtration Process
Filtering and Filter Cleaning

First, during the filtering stage, particulates (shown in orange) in an upwardly-flowing fluid (blue) are trapped in a compacted layer of granular material. Second, during a short cleaning stage, the layer of granular material is loosened and the particulates are released and directed toward a disposal space.

Particulates are released and flow to disposal when the granular material of the filtering layer is loosened. Loosening the filtering layer can be achieved by several methods:

  1. Increasing the flow rate of the flowing fluid.
  2. Releasing air bubbles into the flowing fluid.
  3. Applying mechanical force by vibrating the filtering device.
  4. Applying a fluctuating electromagnetic field to a filtering layer that is attracted to magnets.

Contact us to learn more about how the Integral Scientific Institute can help you integrate this innovative forward-wash cleaning filter in your filtration products and processes.

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